Looking for a directory listing theme that looks like this website (attached)

Hi guys,

first I need the function that makes listings are among each other, displayed with a big picture (see first pic.).
Secondly I need that members can create specials in there listing, which were presented under (second pic.) an in their listing (third pic.)

Thank you so much to everyone will help me!

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Happy to help you.
I think you need something costume.
Please let me know.
I can help you make one like that according to your details and budget.

Best Regards

Hi !

As per your requirements it will be a custom work. I will create a directory listing theme for you same as per your expectations. Please share complete details via email through my envato profile

may be this helpfull https://codecanyon.net/item/listapp-listing-directory-mobile-app-by-react-native/21456447?s_rank=10

Hi, I am looking for the same theme applicable to our website . Thank you for your answers.