Looking for a Directory/community/intranet theme.

I want to start a wordpress website in which students can offer their services as a tutor to fellow students. A directory theme would be sufficient for this but I would like the users to be able to search for their study and find tutors and next to that also have a forum inside of the community of their study to ask questions about the course their following. also should it be possible to share files like summaries.
I have been looking at different theme’s but I’m afraid that for example
listing pro would not be flexible enough to add the forum community function and the file share function
Woffice doesn’t show an option do differentiate intranets between different categories(studies)
Kleo doesn’t have a strong enough directory option?

I don’t have a lot of wordpress experience so writing the code myself to adjust the pages is going to be hard.
Any advice on the best way to go?

thanks, vince


Take a loon on these page hope will find your chosen theme


Hello @vincevis,

From my experience you will not find out of box solution. You will need to put some custom code. On start it will cost you more but you will have what you need.

If you have specifications you can send me and I will give you a quote.