Looking for a developer/freelancer - For a multi Chiropractic provider management system.


I am trying to find a solution/developer/freelancer for a business project I am working on, Hoping you could help.

Initially I was interested in some Multi-Hospital management systems I had seen on envato. Although my intended use is not for a hospital, the system structure and modules described in these systems, seem as if they might work for my intended use, with customization and elimination of unnecessary modules.

Firstly, I am curious to know if anyone offers custom management systems?

In brief:

We are intending on offering Chiropractic care in the workplace. We will use independent chiropractors who will operate and provide service to paying members/clients within a certain workplace/business.

Here’s a little more detail for some examples of core functions:

-Patient needs to electronically sign in
-Dr enters treatment notes for the day (I’ll include in separate area*)
-Dr needs to be able to electronically sign notes
-Date of service needs to be entered into account for end of month diagnostic receipt New Patient
-Needs to be able to schedule first visit
-Patient needs to electronically fill out New Patient paperwork and submit (including general info, health history, HIPPA form and consent for treatment)
-Patient needs to make initial exam/treatment payment when they schedule

-Diagnostic receipts need to be generated at end of month and emailed to patients
-Commissions need to be paid to providers based upon services/payments/patients seen
-Monthly payments for patients in membership program need to be processed

Treatment notes (SOAP notes: S: Subjective O: Objective A: Assessment P: Plan)*

  • Every treatment, provider needs to be able to input exam findings. Can be a standard electronic form that the chiropractor (provider) inputs info manually at time of service per patient.

-Could have general tabs in each section for provider to just tap and info would be added, with the ability for provider to type additional information as needed per patient. However, it is important to lock the notes after each session, NO ONE can change the notes after a period if time.

(SOAP Examples:
S: Patient presents for wellness evaluation.
O: Fixation C0, C1, C2 (each level available to tap on)
A: Wellness Visit
P: Adjust above segments. Home Care Ice. Home Care Stretch.)

** Just a few examples Diagnostic Receipts Info needed on diagnostic receipts (to be used for Flex Acct or HSA) **
-Clinic Name with Provider Name
-Clinic contact info (address, email, phone)
-Date of Service
-Diagnostic Code
-Procedure Code

As this is our first few major steps in getting our business started, We would be interested in working with you, providing this is something you are interested developing.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



You could try www.studio.envato.com but…

  1. this isn’t really something to find on a stock marketplace

  2. realistically a custom build like this (by anyone half decent who you would want to work with!) should be well into the thousands if not tens of thousands of $

  3. it’s not just the build you need to consider. You are passing about all sorts of personal, business AND medical data and you will need a very very solid and secure hosting environment and tested security setup. This again will require serious budget.

There must be off the shelf software for this type of activity (maybe not in that niche but which can be adapted) which has been created for the purpose and is likely to be:

  • more secure and who will take responsibility for all the data storage

  • probably have a better UI and customer experience (no one is going to book with you if the proposition looks budget)

  • long term, even with subscription info it will almost certainly work out cheaper with a lot less stress

I’d be interested in as well but as @charlie4282 suggested, this is a big project and you won’t be able to solve it with few hundred boxes considering the security options as well.