Looking for a Developer for longterm partnership



Hello mates!

I am in looking for the members to build an strong brand on themeforest

We’ve been working with htp://themeforest.net/user/wwwebinvader

and this is our job at the moment


I think that if we all spend the same time, we can split the profits equally

To keep the brand working, 4 hours 6 days at week will be more than enough

At this time the Jobs vacancies we need to complete are the community manager and programmer

I think in this task distribution

Of course eventually we will have to tweak the tasks based on its time

If you have another opinion or am I missing something, please share

New items code FRONTEND
New items code BACKEND
Old items updates
Items support

Community manager
Main web of the brand maintenance
Community managment: facebook, twitter, behance,dribble
Adwords advertising
Facebook advertising
Google analytics
New items code FRONTEND

Please tellme a bit about you, where are you from, whats your experience with wordpress, php and js, etc