Looking for a creative front-end developer / designer to create additional niche demo homepages from existing template


I am looking for a creative front-end developer interested in making additional html homepage demos, from an existing template.

I have a full featured html template with multiple header styles, footer styles, menu styles, content layouts, portfolio, blog, shop layouts, etc. The job would be to create different niche homepage layouts using these elements, to show how they can be used for different business types (I will then be using these to create a WordPress theme). The homepages will be for businesses such as restaurants, gyms, shops, construction, spas, etc. You would need coding skills to create the various homepages and would need the creativity to create/change the text content, choose images to create the demos, create some graphics to customize for each look, etc.

If interested please contact me through the form on my profile page so we can get into further details regarding pricing, the homepages, etc. If you have a portfolio of work you’ve created please send a link also.


happy to help you
Add me on skype: danypauldesigner

Hi there, i would love to help with this project!

Email me - matt@mpcritchlow.com