Looking for a Community website

Hi guys,
I 've been asked to present a website for an alpine ski patroller team. Basically what I am looking for is a website that can manage privates areas using Login/password plugins, Some sort of an event calendar because each patroller team have their own schedule that they can Import into their gmail/homail/outlook calendar.

A places where we can put picture galleries and the internal phonebook.

Does anybody can suggest me a template? I don’t care about being a joomla, wordpress or any other plateform. It needs to be responsive and a maximum compatibility.


Jean-Sébastien G.

Any suggestions please?

Kind Regards,

Jean-Sébastien G.

You cannot find a theme exactly similar to your needs. You have to use the theme as a starting point and customize it ahead to achieve your desired functionality.

Check out some great community plugins on Codecanyon :slight_smile: