Looking for a client portal with data visualizations

For my marketing agency I wish to create a portal in which my clients can log in and view statistics on their marketing campaignes. E.g. social media statistics, Google Ads campagnes, etc.

Is there anything out there that fits my requirements or comes close?

Thanks a lot!

If you mean like a dashboard builder then it’s unlikely to be found on here but there are several good and often even free or cheap ones online

Thanks for the reply, and what about Bootstrap admin panels? They come close right?

Potentially but these are superficial visuals - you would need to connect them up to data feeds etc.

Also you can’t use items in “on demand” services and would need a unique copy/license per client you created this for

You are not going to find an out of the box solution for your project so in order to get started and proceed next please sharecomplete details via email so we can get started

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