Looking for a 'client gallery' website



Hi All,

So I am looking to put up a new website and hoping some of you can direct me toward themes and/or plugins that you think will work well for me. I’m sure there are thousands of right answers for such a question but I always find community knowledge well worth seeking out.

The website I’ll be looking at making will be along the lines of a wedding client gallery site - although actually for use creating galleries of stills for TV/Film productions.

I’ll be using a WP backend with a TF theme.

So features I would like -
A great gallery based website.
User control - I would like to be able to restrict users to certain galleries, or lock certain images from some users.
Admin control - Would be good to be able to allow ‘admins’ to create their own galleries and upload to them.
Security - As secure as possible, production companies are very sensitive about any distribution of media and i would need to be able to reassure them the site was secure.
Watermarking - I’m sure I could find a plugin for this, but watermarks on photos will be needed.
Great phone/tablet formatting - the site has to scale well and be easy to navigate on your phone.
Ability to upload video galleries - not essential, but I may expand the site to support video in the future.

Thats it I think, any suggestions most welcome.