Looking for a cartoon design for opener show

Hi all, I am looking for a cartoon design to make an opener for a show. its a fun show, I need 8 scenes and I want the questioner to be a cartoony with his real face and movement. the show is about old street in Kuwait (my country ) I can send some pic to make the idea clear.


Do you want animation and graphics? For example, the Cartoon character will have ACTUAL face of the “Presenter” for the show, it will show on perhaps a video screen or screens with sound, then the actual person will come on stage?? I think I can help with this. My email is bedellcarleton@gmail.com and my Skype is bedellinternational or glonetextechnologies.

Do you want language in English or Arabic?
Do you need Arabic and English logo for the presentation?

Hi. Thanks for the email. I want just the graphics and I will make the animation. The program is taking about old street in Kuwait. I can send you a picture for the old street and people also the building. I need also the program stuff in cartoon shape.

This is something similar:

Hello, I would like to help you with this project. Please email me on: mehtiyevmehti@yahoo.com So we can discuss about it and I can show you some of my works done previously.



we can help you make real face Cartoons.

add me on skype : webstrot or mail us on webstrot@gmail.com

hi, u should contact the best , call @memoangeles for help :slight_smile:

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