Looking for a Car Hire and Airport transfers theme

Hi, I have been searching themeforest but i could not find a theme that would have 2 tabs booking form which would let customers search for rental cars and also transfers separately. Autorent of UOUAPPS looks like the closest theme but reviews are scary as people commenting they do not get what demo shows and no support or refund offered. Can anyone suggest a theme that we can have both car hire and transfer options with online booking system, payable online?


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Hi there,

May I suggest our new theme https://themeforest.net/item/grand-car-rental-limousine-car-rental-wordpress/19398136

If you have any pre-sale questions. You can post on theme discussion board there, I am happy to answer.


I think it is better to make custom solution by your specifications.
You will get what you want and latter you can ad options if you need it.
You can contact me and we can talk.


If you’re looking for paid support, you can contact me.

You can purchase that theme and request only modifications from me. It’s be better idea to not to start from beginning.




THat is like an hour of work to be done, no worries something really really simple, no need to waste money.
You can always start and ask some help if you have any specific problem happy to help! :slight_smile: