Looking for a business directory/listing for one type of business only

Hi Envato community!

For a new project i’m looking for an awesome business directory/listing template/website/design for only one specific business. There are alot of templates for multiple business on themeforest but i want a template that is specified for only one type of business. For example a directory website with all Carwashes in Belgium or a website where i can find all gyms in Germany…

Some examples: https://sportscholengids.nl/

Thanks for helping!


I have made several directory sites with Listify template and that is good template.

I have been working with the PointFinder theme over two years. It has lots of features
If you need customization, you can contact me and I could share some links before that I have performed changes if you need

Recently, we have built a directory listing theme for listing real estate properties. But, you can use it for any kind of listing business.


Furthermore, if you need any extra customization, we are available for freelance.