Looking for a bootstrap theme with static cards layout

Hi there,
I’m going to create a new application based in ASP.NET and I’m looking for a Bootstrap theme with a similar structure: https://imgur.com/a/E1nnYfI

as you can see I need a “static part” which is essentially a table that doesn’t disappear, but is even displayed in the site. This table allow me to select an item and display the details of this item inside the bottom cards.
Now each card, contains other cards, so imagine that a card is actually a page with a set of functions, a bit how the sidebar work.

Essentially I need a static top part which should contains a table and some other feature like datepicker, buttons… and a dynamic part where the user can navigate on to analyze the item data.

I’m not able to find a similar theme, almost with a logic like this, I don’t need the same layout at all, but just one with the logic described.

Someone could help me?