Looking for a bootstrap HTML theme with social content

I am currently looking for a HTML bootstrap (admin) theme with social content.
Honestly, it’s quiet hard to find a perfect theme that fits everything I need or atleast has a big part.s

Here 3 themes I bought:

Atmos is quiet a beautiful theme. But sadly no more updates were done shortly after the release.
Also I found themes that I liked more over time.

This replaced Atmos for me. Much features, amazing design. Still seems to be active.
But still does not fit everything I wish to have.

This replaced Ablepro - somehow.
It offers alot more and has much special pages.
I love the extras like hovering buttons/cards and
But also here no updates since 9 months.

What I am interested in:

It’s exactly what I mean with clean but is also missing the wished features.

What I would like to have:

  • A boxed layout like Facebook and Twitter have - Not the typical horizontal layout but with space left and right and a sidebar on left and right that is sticky.
  • Social features like messaging but it a message box is not a must have (can be a messages page).
    As my project will go in niche social networking such features would be perfect and are required.
  • A social timeline like Facebook and Twitter have
  • A search with live search results
  • A material or flat design or both combined which has a clean layout, no much different colors.
  • A social profile feature
  • Actively maintaining the theme with regular (big or good) updates.

If you know such a theme or are even selling it, that would be nice :slight_smile:
Even if I would love to, but I can’t afford currently a custom solution.
So you are either already selling it on ThemeForest or would do it on a low-budget or other partnership basis. Please don’t ask for the budget, I really mean a low-budget :).

Thanks to everyone!