Looking for a booking plugin (second case)


I’m looking for a booking plugin where which can do the following four things.

  1. One day per week we offer a customer to order this item for pickup. There order has to be made x hour in advance. There are no limit how many orders that could be placed.
  2. One or two day a month we have 10 seats for what we call “The dinner” where we only have one time for seating.
    Can be booked until there are no seats left.
  3. One or two day a month we have “The lunch” where customers could reserve a table between x hour and y hour. Like an ordinary restaurant.
  4. Every weekdays we offer cooking courses, pre-defined and upon request.

Is this even possible? :slight_smile:

I prefer a one time cost with life time updates.

Thanks in advance!


Hello :smiley:

You may want to look at hiring a code expert from Envato Studio for this job.