Looking for a bilingual + portfolio theme

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a theme that would suit a product design studio’s website with two main purposes:

  1. showcasing a portfolio of work: The projects will be divided under 3 or 4 different categories, much like within the Portfolio section of the SWOOP theme by ThemeREX.

  2. publishing news items: this will be in a form of a blog and will be the location for both the studio’s news as well as official press release

Having a bilingual (French/English) site is an uncompromisable aspect for the studio. Other features:
-landing page with a carousel of most recent projects (like https://www.pentagram.com/)
-contact form
-contact form with option to attach documents (for career applications)
-linking to social media accounts
-search bar

Is there anything you would recommend?

If you except that you will all find in one template out of box forget it.
You will need to make some custom work and use several plugins to get all that.

Hi Zacc,

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I’m not expecting an all-in one template as what I require is pretty specfic and extensive.
The main issues I’ve ran into with buying a template is not being able to have the bilingual aspect.

I found a few templates + plugins that cover the other aspects (portfolio, contact form, search function etc) on Wordpress but the extent of possible customisation was limited.

Would you say that the best would be to build an entirely custom website + plugins?

Hello @kaej26,

For multi language you can use WPML plugin. Lots of templates are WPML ready. On contact forms if you have attachments you need to limit size of attachment if you don’t have full inbox .
It is hard to say anything I will need to have full specifications from site.



Is there a contact form plugin you would recommend?

You can use built in contact form or free like contact form 7 or paid like gravity form.
If you want I can send you my offer to make website I just need specifications?

I’ll have a chat with my team and get back to you.

Thanks again for your replies!