Looking for a Appointment pluging with length of appointment depending on number of people option


For a website that offers several services, i am looking for a appointment/scheduling plugin that supports my specific needs:

  1. The services are available for variable amounts of people (different group sizes) with a set minimum and maximum amount of people.
  2. The time of each service has a fixed starting point (for example: 1 hour).
  3. The time of each service increases with each extra person in the group (1 person = 1 hour, 2 persons = 1 hour and 30 minutes, 3 persons = 2 hours etc. etc.).

Is there a plugin available that makes me do this?

Thanks a lot for helping!



I am afraid you will not find anything available, but based on what you might use, we can add some hooks to integrate that.
Let me know and we can make it work out