Looking fo Wordpress Plugin with hit list like Ranker website


I Have a small website about asian movie and I’m looking for a Wordpress Plugin.

I want to add post with hits list like in ranker.com (or any other hits list website): http://www.ranker.com/list/jackie-chan-movies-and-films-and-filmography/reference?page=2#pVid_891010 (for exemple).

I wan to add this kind of list when the user vote for a movie…and the movie go up or down.


If you know how it’s possible :slightly_smiling:


If you still looking for someone custom for you, please touch me at: outsource[at]designerresource.org with your details.

Happy to help
It is easy already done work like this
add me on skype: danypauldesigner



Thanks for the reply

Hum. I Have No budget except for plugin (not the same price)…Sorry…It’s for my personal wordpress blog…so…

Any idea ?

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Hi [arekusandoro]

Here i have suggestion about which you are searching for may this help have a look to Like Button Rating :heart: LikeBtn already install at my blog