Looking a partner with good design to make WP theme for your account

Looking a partner with good design to make WP theme for your account

Hi, my name is Nelly and I’m a beginner designer. I am interested in cooperation with you. At the moment I’m already working with one developer, but I want one more developer for the team :slight_smile: Now I’m working on the design of Real Estate. If interested, I can show that I already have done and what I’m doing now.

Can you please drop me an email? Time to time, I need few more WP developers and maybe we can discuss partnership as well

I am interested to do partnership. Please have a look over my items and let me know if any of it interest you to develop in WordPress version. View Portfolio

A partner or the buyer for the service you offer?

This interests me. You can view my work in two places on TF. If you like what you see and wish to chat further, please drop me an Email

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    I am the designer for virtually all of the themes produced on this channel.

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    My personal account on TF. The content here is limited as all of my design time for the past few years has been devoted to designing themes for the author account above.

I bring a lot to the table as a highly experienced and well organized designer.

I m Ravi. I need WP Developer for my design. Just look at my Portfolio. I love to hear from your side. Let me know what you think. This is my email id