Look This Badge



Haha, LOL :smiley:

haha :slight_smile:

LOL :smiley:

OMG… just need to rotate it… lol…

Do you like gogog style??? hahahhaaa… :joy:

Of course I do… :joy:

:smile: yes!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha :joy:

yeah, definitely better :slight_smile:

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Un match de foot

the second one , i am wandering what this is indeed lol is that R-rated? lol

ok… NOW I WANT THIS BADGE :smiley:

hehehe… lol!

:joy: this is toooooo funny. But in the first seconds i didnt know what the head of the player were. lol

lol… Haaa hhaha

no u want someone to do the same to u , that’s a different story lol

super badges !