Look for hexagon video

I’m look for a futuristic hexagon effect with thin but glassy or glowing rims, but what I really need is for it to be transparent, a video that I can just slap over something else so that the hexagons are opaque in some places but still allow the underlying layer to mostly come through.
Anyone got anything like that?


Why did you bother posting that? I’m kind of annoyed that you seriously didn’t think I already looked through Envato. I’m also not looking to spend hundreds of dollars on it, a PNG sequence would be what I’m looking for more than anything else.

You are asking for something rather specific, innit?
Besides, if it’s png sequence, that means animation, therefore you have to describe animation for example, hexagon rotates or hexagon zoom in/out, this or that…
If it’s like few shorts seconds of animation i’m pretty much sure anyone can do that for bargain, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars and most importantly hours of searching.

I described the animation, like literally just flat hexagons right in-front of you doing nothing other than maybe blinking or fading or just periodically oscillating in some way, but in a way that is conducive to a futuristic environment. I don’t want it to be rotating or zooming. Maybe blurring, maybe.