long wait time for stock footage

I think in the near future we will wait 365 days for the videos to be accepted!!! Can someone explain why we have to wait 99 days for stock footage

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Wow, They said 99 days for footage review times. With me, I’s a nightmare.

I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one…

This should be a joke. 99 days?
Why not 100?
(So, you’ve thought that the “1 day difference” would make us feel better psychologically ? :slight_smile: )

You have thought that “99” would be better than “100” ?
Are you serious?
This is called LIFE!

This is simply a message to authors, and it reads…:
“Please don’t bother to upload video stock footage, because we don’t care”

So why don’t you say it directly and save the precious time of the authors?

Can it have any other meaning than that?
Is it even possible?

mean the store is closed

now 106 day review time

ı ma stil waiting

It was exactly 90 days. I’ve sent over 200 den of content still waiting :frowning: