Long Review Time

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Straight, I think that 6 days (I’ve heard some AJ items take longer) is just too much time for review. This is a call for the Envato team to employ more reviewers and to accelerate the review process.

If creative people put lots of energy and work into making really high quality music for little money, than it is expected from Envato as a serious company to do its work as well.

Let me know what you think.

Another way to look at this is at the current rate of approval, your new items are bumped off the first page within what? a day if that? If they start approving even faster, you might only sit on the front page for an hour before your pushed down into oblivion!

Hi there - last year review time was 30 days. The review team needs to ensure that audio submitted to the library is relevant, high quality and useable. Unfortunately we have seen numerous posts from authors whose work has been rejected and thus new authors are uploading unsuitable material which has the effect of increasing review queue times. 6 days is good.
Also we choose to offer our items for sale and accept the pricing. If these prices are too low then I would suggest maybe another library would be suitable.



I think the approval time doesn’t have to do anything with how long you stay on the first page. It’s just a 6-7 day delay for everyone. You would probably stay the same time if the delay is less or more.

I guess 6 days is not that bad, but you should be aiming towards less, at least that should be a goal.

Speaking of the prices, they are for sure low, especially when US customers buy items. This track was sold 3 times. It would be more than great if I got 50% of the money, but guess what, at the end of the day I got only $15 which is 1/3, not 1/2. 2 customers were from US, which means that I pay US taxes because I am not a European citizen.

I would appreciate if you tell me if there is a way of avoiding these extra taxes.


Also: If you have problem, and I guess you have, with people who don’t understand audio standards and get rejected items, than you should maybe consider doing some kind of audition on who can register on AJ.

it’s 7 days now.

I’d have to disagree with this @PhiAudio.

If they were approving everyone within 3 days instead of 6… wouldn’t that mean that they would be approving a heck of a lot more tracks every day? New tracks go to the top of the front page… if you’ve got more new tracks going to the top of the first page every day, it’s gonna push everything down quicker? Maybe my logic is off but that’s how I see it working.

You’re probably right.

It’s a good speed of the review I think
Your creativity should not depends on that, just keep going do high quality tracks

Hi all, i uploaded 3 music items, it took 11 days now without answer, is it ok?

Yes, it is normal.
You can follow this thread to know.


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Thank you very much