Long load time for a discontinued theme, quick-style.php

We purchased the Organic Life theme about 4 years ago for use on a highly involved website. We have run into some issues that it has been suggested to me to reach out to theme authors to get some help, but I see that the theme is now discontinued. Is there a place i can get some help?

What we see is that the quick-style.php file is taking 20 seconds to load, even with page cache enabled. Is there a way to fix this?

i figured i should add to that post if anyone can look at site it is www.luciesapothecary.com to see the page load times and especially that one particular file. some days it can take up to 2 minutes for a page to load which is obviously way too long

If the theme is no longer sold here, or author does not provide support for it anymore, your only choice is to hire someone to look at it, for example at studio.envato.com.

You can contact me via this link if you’d like to work directly or reach me at Studio

I’d be happy to help you on this project