Loking for: WordPress Multiple Featured Image plugin


Hi all,

I’m looking for a specific type of ‘Multiple Featured Image’ plugin for WordPress. I have a front page that is built with Visual Composer Post Grid’s. I want one featured image displayed here (which one it defaults to might need to change between different elements, due to different designs. I want a second featured image to display as part of the normal post featured image header image. All in all, this will require three different featured images used in different places to work with different designs.

Is there a plugin that can do this?


It seems on if the front page grid is dynamiclly populating from the exact same posts and content on the blog.

If so then this could be quite tricky.


That’s somewhat true … basically at the moment, it’s using the Post Grid that narrows the posts down to posts in a particular category. I’m just using a single post for the moment just to test things out, and just placed it in multiple categories. The end result will probably have very few posts being in more than one category.


The thing is - you don’t want to be creating multiple versions of the same post with different featured images just to satisfy this challenge. This will likely create issues problems with search etc

You can’t really control the features image based on what category you put the post in so only logical options would be

  1. use some different grid on the home page (it’s only showing a preview right?) which you control manually and input the image you want and the blog excerpt non dynamically

  2. Italy be possible (requires someone clever than me!) to alter a featured image based on location but again that plugin you are using on the homepage is pulling dynamically so will always show what’s on the original version.