Logos Hard Rejected - what's missing, please help?

Hello, I’ve sent more than 10 logos to envato review team, but unfortunately i received the hard reject message “quality standard” on all of them!!!I hope I can get your feedback so I can improve them, thank you in advance!

I can’t help in logos. but i can say there should be some spacing in each word example : W O R D not WORD it looks ugly. not professional. :slight_smile:

i don’t think the wording has anything to do. all of these logos are very beautiful. its very professional too.

if this is unprofessional you haven’t seen this -
[link removed by mod]

lovely logos!

Yeah, They are lovely, but I think they are well suitable for 2012… and Cannabis Logo font is well suited for that logo…

butterfly, I felt that I’m seeing pink Pizza :slight_smile: or Ice-cream, gorilla shield is ok, but why black logo? it can be color! lady logo I can’t tell… emm, that donut? has ears? ! really? why one should buy? …Don’t get me wrong I just suggest! :slight_smile: u’ll learn a lot! bro.

Hello @theprecious

I removed the link to the item.

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Thank yo, Madam/Sir. :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile: