Logos and Idents Reject

Hi all,

Would really love any advice on why this one got rejected.

I tried modeling it after this one https://audiojungle.net/item/classic-logo-03/155730?s_rank=2 and thought I captured some of what this author was doing but with my own style.



Hi there, what did they mentioned in form? Mixing or just commercial usability? I think probably it must be mixing issue in high freqs, but it’s just my opinion. Try to analyze your reference track. Check it out “youtu(dot)be/1XNPJqQ_4NM”. You can do that with other EQs. Don’t forget you are mixing for people with cheap dynamics. They hear a lot of high freqs and not enough of low and mid, thats why most of the mixes here sounds really weird. Hope this helps. Cheers! :wink:

Thank you FireLast that’s really great advice!

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Hi! Im agree with FireLast. It’s all mixdown. It needs improvement in each frequency. You should even try to add some low sounds or just sub bass, but less volume. Just to give it some fatness!

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