iam new in envato
can i use logo maker app to create logos to upload it to envato?

It won’t be technically created well enough.

Plus pretty sure those apps are for single use and not for distribution


Logos created in such builders do not have any distinctive feature, for example, I can not force my hand to touch a builders of this type, in which a minimum of editing capabilities, it all comes down to a waste of time, your company will not be able to develop normally if it does not have a trademark that would set it apart from others, as mentioned above, they will be terribly built and their use will be extremely difficult for the final buyer, , the profession of graphic designer, as for me, is a constant training, the ability to constantly show their creativity, the search for better and more memorable solutions, you should like it, you should not think only about monetary funds and many other factors, I think you need to rethink your approach to the Envato market, and to yourself

Have a nice day!

thanks for answers
so which app can you advice me as a beggener to use it?

With respect this is a premium marketplace and not really for beginners.

To be able to sell logos here they need to be designed professionally using something like Illustrator or at very least photoshop.

Logos are not as simple as putting some icons or images and some text together - they are one of the hardest categories to get approved in.


yes, you can!

I think, the result is what matters!



I do not think that you would want to buy a low-quality product in which a person has not invested almost no drop of creativity, besides that anyone can create for free, it just does not make sense

Have a nice day!

Freebie app made designs will never be approved.

Aside from generic creativity and distribution issues, they will never provide the technical requirements https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000555726-Logo-Templates-Submission-Requirements