Logo was rejected ! Please help me understand what is my problem!

Why this logo was rejected ! I uploads 5 my works and all was rejected!





hi, to be honest some of them do not look professional and the typo are not really the type of typo i would have used. Also for me the spacing is not correct in most of them.

which number not look professional?

where you’re see the typo?

1 and 2 do not look professional 3 logo is nice but spacing is bad 4 is too basic and will look bad on small scaling and spacing not good in 4 and 5 hard to tell i do not see it good

typo is the font you use for your logo

Can you whrite me on olegkusnir18@hotmail.com, and help. If you can.

sorry i do not really have time to do logos i dedicate more my time on coding software but hope you can find someone that would be available to help you.

ok. thank you