LOGO UPLOAD problems

i need help for uploading my logo i have rejecings

i opened folder AI and puted 01.ai
then opened new folder EPS and puted 01.eps
then new folder caled name of the log example PIZZA and i puted eps and ai into FLOWER folder

then created preview folder puted 01.preview
then THUMBNAIL or thumb

soo >its like this




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what ><<>???

Sorry,I was wrong

what did you post a didnt see hahaha

hi buddy, wel the typo is plain and whenever u do so u can expect to be rejected most of the time , as for the illustration this is rather cool in my view but maybe they did not like this style or found this a bit simple too , i don’t know

Thank you … i dont know mabe the didnt like design maybe TExt one logo but i will ytu something elese …thank you