Logo Review before Submitting

Hi, This is a logo i created as a next submission for Graphic River. Please guide me, how is it and what i can do better in it to make it acceptable for graphicriver. How many chances are there for approval?

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hi it will be 10000% rejected … sorry but this is faster to tell u that unfortunately nothing is going right with this item … I do not even know where to start … maybe let’s try to start from the beginning. First of all, this is way too simple and the bottom line is that this is definitely “nailing” the commercial potential of the item. I guess that the execution time for someone with decent illustrator skills would be about 3-4 minutes, maybe even less … so that herd to believe that the item can either make it for sale or being sold anyway. For a buyer to buy , it takes that they figure out that they will save some time out of buying or that they will offer a graphic design product going beyond their personal skills and competence and this is clearly not what happens here no matter which one we are considering. In the same extent, I guess that this is something u will understand , what is the point for the reviewer to accept the file if it judged as having no commercial potential in the first place? Besides, if this was only this the problem, but u have countless of other issues to deal with, too. starting with the concept. Frankly enough, it took me a bit of a while all the same to see the house in what u have done. At first glance I clearly did not see it, which is a problem, if u ask me. Then, the typo is super flat for here , as , in GR, no matter where u are posting the expectations are high in terms of typo indeed. At this stage , this is flat and basic what u have to offer, u need to add some extra value of of playing with the text part , so to speak. Adding some variations, some font combinations and possibly some touches of originality would help to generate way more relief than what u have at the moment. Introducing a baseline will help u to do so , by the way … u also are facing a matter of proportion between text and illustration, the illustration definitely prevails too much over the text part. U have problems as far as contrast goes which also bring u to be confronted with other issues in a snowball effect when it comes to hierarchy, exposure, and readability. I am not sure that u realize about it but the most readable part is “pixel house” while media looks like a secondary information and this is and to get to understand why two parts of the name are more highlighted than the third one (it stands to evidence that they should be on equal footing) > in other words, hierarchy issue. Imbrication could also ne improved in my opinion

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Thanks for the review. But can you tell me more what means by super flat typo, or what is called variations in typo?

font have diverse decoration, light, regular , bold and so on, this is variations, playing with this would generate some relief. super flat means very basic , or quite common if u wish, this does not mean this is super bad but this means that this is far from standards for here …

My friend. I know that you want to be approved and sell on this marketplace but you skipped all the learning steps and actually you try something that is near impossible for you to understand.

You are not ready for this marketplace. You need to learn allot in order to get approved.