Logo Reveal "Rejected..."

Hello, I just had a rejected VH project, could you tell me something that maybe going unnoticed in my project that might be the reason for this disapproval?

Notes: I created a well organized project, created folder to organize everything, control scripts for the end user and a help file too, even so it was refused …

Follow the video below:

Grateful for the help

Looks bad. Sorry. Dirty gray colors. Dirty gray background

Without problems, I want to understand the problems of this project, thanks for the opinion,
A question @romlam hen you say dirty colors is in relation to the intense use of gray and shadows or the mixture with colors?

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Gray tone is everywhere. It’s looks like a dirty smog. I think it will be better, if you make everything more colorful and fresh. Vignette looks bad. I would not recommend to use the old logo. Your project looks old with this old logo. And I think the logo appears a little late. Wish you improve your project and get approval! Good luck! :^)