Logo reveal rejected in a robotic way

I´m very disappointed and I really don´t understand the rejection of my logo reveal. This is an example of one of my logo reaveals latest rejections:
I´d really like to know the opinion please from other designers in this community.
I always receive the same robotic speech from Envato reviewers: "Unfortunately this item does not meet our quality requirements and cannot be accepted at this time.
The item does not meet our minimum design, animation, and technical requirements. We strive to accept professional quality projects, and unfortunately this submission doesn’t quite meet that criteria."
I previously uploaded other examples like this, rejected too with exactly the same robotic speech and no specific details about the reasons why. Here is a link:
I´d really aprecciate opinions, critics, etc. Because i,ve seen approved items from other Videohive designers and I can´t see the quality difference comparing with my works.
I´m really getting tired of this and feeling that uploading more items is a huge waste of time.

Both lack color,try implementing more color highlights. Your second example could use more elements in the background, maybe something like 2D shapes and a floor, the “flatness” of the background is really noticeable and it makes the 3D hard to register on the viewer.

I do think the quality is close to approval

Thanks for your feedback.
You say is close to approval but they say “you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”.
And thanks again for your opinion but i,ve seen many projects lack color and approved. I don´t think that using more elements in the background is the solution to get approved, I´ve used particles, lights, etc in other items like theese here and were rejected too. That´s why y tried with clean backgrounds (just a light and some gradient) like other items approved. And I think that the Hexagons example has 3D with depth of field, motion, lights and texture, even with flatness of the background. Thank you very much for your critics, sorry if i don´t agree with some of them but i think those won´t give me an approval.

I think it would’ve been better eliminating the background entirely. So just having a black background. Particles and lights are a cheap and easy way to get a more realistic 3D feel, and they’re not really a good substitute for true design.

I really like the hexagon one, I think a nicely implemented floor would’ve made a big difference.

Anyway, good luck next

In my opinion hexagon logo looks very nice from 0 to third second. After 3 seconds revealing logo is simply ugly and perspective is lost. Same thing with water logo. When water hitting sphere is ok, but water spatter is unrealistic.


Thank you so much for your respectful critics. But what you´re talking about is very subjective and nothing technical. I guess “ugly” doesn´t help me at all. Critics with specific details like Voxyde, could help me a little more. “Ugly” depends on subjective point of view. For example, with all respect, a too simple and ugly revealing with a wrong floor shadow effect is this one to me, doesn´t matter the number of sales:

And about the water sphere, it wasn´t my intention to make something hyper realistic, just something smooth, fluid and water like, with some realistic look, but not hyper realistic.
Thanks again for your opinions.

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Don’t forget that you wanted critics. I presented good and bad side of your animations.

Because of that I thanked you. But “ugly” for both examples doesn´t look like a technical critic that could help me in the future, which i guess is the goal of this feedback forum.
Thanks again

I really loved the “Water Sphere” one. The only missing thing I can see is lack of blue color of the water & simplicity of the background. Change color option for both BG & Water would be nice too. Otherwise, It’s really nice work. Good job.

Thank you very much for your helpful opinion :+1: