Logo rejection

My graphic item-logo got rejected again. I have uploaded the file as a high resolution PSD with EPS and AI vectors included, available in three different layouts. I cannot believe that it’s too simple based on other items that I’ve came across. This was one after many rejected submissions and I’m starting to believe that it’s impossible to publish my first item. Is there any official guide that I could look at ? I would aprreciate that.


I’d say it’s too complicated rather than too simple. It’s rare you find a logo with that much detail in it these days, it’s more of an illustration than a logo. The typography is very simple as well. Looks pretty good though.

The letters-typography are there just for the preview, the actual pack contained only the ice cream.

That probably doesn’t help. Any logo should really contain some form of typography in the main file, it can’t just be an icon/illustration.

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hi, it stands to evidence that u are not understanding how things are working here, especially when it comes to the logo category indeed. In most cases, rejections are because of typo things. Indeed, u are expected to use an harmonious typo and kind of complex as opposed to the “too plain”, too “basic” that most of the people are likely to use most of the type. AS for what @SpaceStockFootage said , he is right, not including the editable text amounts to saying that u provide sort of an illustration and in this case, they can judge that u are misleading and not posting in the right category, so u’ll get are rejected every time … . In addition, one thing u have to identify , this is that here reviewers will try to consider much about how the thing u have created looks in a very small size, and if u have too many details , this basically means that it will probably not look good enough , if u wish … try to keep this all in mind for your next submissions and if u do u have a chance to get approved , good luck :wink:

I got another rejection after re-submitting, this time the email came in less than 24 hours. It would be really helpful for reviewers to leave comments (they do it anyway throughout their work) as it is hard for someone to keep guessing, also adding extra unecessary workload for them. I would appreciate any kind of informative tutorial/guide for submissions, or any free file of the logo category that meets the criteria.

i understand what u mean , thats’ when u need it the most that u do not get … however , u have possible answers here … u are free to follow or not, but keep in mind that we also know a bit what we are talking about (with both outside and marketplace experience) , and that’s better than nothing all the same. For the fact that there’s no individualized message being delivered , there’s much to say but anyway , u cannot change anything about it , so u’d better get used to it, sorry to say just that … i wish u good luck for your next submissions :wink:

I never said you don’t know what you’re talking about, I’ve performed the changes suggested by the two posters (The minor details were taken out, I’ve added text and also a full help & info file), but this is like my fifth rejection on my very first item.

i have never said u said anything like this too lol what i meant is that u can give it a try and fix according to what guys here tell you, now, that’s for sure none of us what is the real deal and we can only try to make u embetter your items, now, that doesn’t mean u are not going to get any rejection any more … i , myself , had one, with a t-shirt design a few days ago , without i fail to understand why … if there’s ever a reason , so do not think too much, keep uo working and trying to embetter and if u do , u’ll get to the next level and progressively get out of regular rejections to have only one sometimes lol which is way better obviously lol. Ask many guys here what they have had to go through at first … ask Shane @tmcom for instance and he will tell you how hard it’s been for him in the first place … he will also tell you that many guys want to go to far too fast and that they forget to earn their stripes (what u always need to do anyway, even when here for long …) , he will also emphasize that there’s no get rich quick situation , just a few guys out of millions can do i might add …