Logo rejected - Require exprerts advice

Hello Guys,
Can anyone help me out here about my recently rejected item and how can i improve my design to minimize any further rejections…

Personally, I think there’s two many individual bars. At the size you’ve posted here they’re starting to all blend into one, so if you go any smaller, it’s going to look like a bit of a blob. Ideally, you want something that’s going to look good even when it’s really small. Probably ditch half of them, or more.

I think the font is trying too hard to be futuristic that it looks a bit dated. I also think the icon/graphic for the equalizer should be a lot smaller… I don’t think it works taking up the whole width of the text. I think a colour version based on the frequency of the bar would be good, maybe a dark blue for the lower notes and a lighter blue for the higher ones. Nothing too extreme, just a few different shades to add a bit of variety. You could also include a version that goes from red, through orange, to yellow and green… for that classic graphic equalizer look!

I’m no logo designer though, but that’s from a ‘man on the street looking to maybe buy a logo’ viewpoint.

hi buddy , wel indeed, in my view, u have almost no chance at all to have your item making it here like this is at this time. the fact of the matter is that there are many bars and that they are very thin and people here always consider the logo in a tiny size so they will estate that your work will not be visible enough when u use it in a very small size , which is much of an issue here …