Logo rejected. Please help.


My name is Wojtek and I am from Poland.
I read a lot of threads in the forum regarding the rejection of the logo. I try to draw conclusions from other users’ mistakes, but I would like to ask you for tips and directing to errors in my example work.

Thanks to all designers.!

Personally I like both logos. Probably the market is saturated with this two concepts.

Thank you very much for your answer.
I read a lot of forum posts on this topic and realized that a lot of logo designs get rejected for no apparent reason.

Best regards and see you soon. :+1:

hi as for me i see a variety of possible problems or at east things to improve …

golden horse logo
1- contrast
i would not go as far as saying that u are violating this basic design principle , however , to be fair, the contrast is not good enough yet so that this really values your work indeed, which is a problem, when u think about it as the preview file is the interface between u and the reviewer and then the potential buyer … the preview file thus has to be selling …
“golden” on white background is not … and this introduces another issue … see next point
2- hierarchy
due to color choices, u end up having the tagline popping out more that part of name of the company which does not make much sense …
3- justification
actually, for me this is not the proper way to do , to have the text flagged in the middle in the horizontal version , the thing not only does not loo properly balanced but is bringing more trouble to the table , see next point
4- imbrication
this is basically resulting from the way the text is flagged and this is really not difficult to fix to say the least … anyway, the imbrication - in other words , the way the text and illustration part are positioned is not completely done properly , just flag text the right way and push the text part a bit more towards the illustration part to generation more connection between the concerned two parts
5- conclusion
u have a cool base to work with, just an extra effort and the thing will be far better again :slight_smile:

real estate logo
sorry to say just this but this one definitely looks far less interesting than the there one indeed, there are way more things to say indeed … let’s get started

1- concept
to be honest with u , the concept is a bit weak m a bit flat … there is nothing really new or whatever about it , not to mention that this is a bit hard to get to know what the illustration is unless we have a look at the name in the first place …
2- global style
at this stage , according to me this is way too simple and there are some really bad consequences so to speak … pls see next point
3- low commercial potential
for as a result of points and 1 and 2 u can guess that the potential is a bit limited , not to mention that , to be more accurate again, if people have choice, i do not feel like they would buy such a logo … look, it does not take a whole lot of time to resign it and neither does it take huge skills, in other words, if people can reproduce it without making much efforts and they do not feel like that they will save significant time, they would rather opt for saving money and doing the thing by themselves instead , this way they could customize it even more by doing so …
4- imbrication
there is a real problem as far as the positioning goes as both illustration and text part look completely disconnected from each other . this is the case with the vertical version already but the gets far worse again when it comes to the horizontal version indeed …
5- flagging
well this is the very same thing that u have in the other card … the flagging of the text brings misbalance to the table rather than any other thing in the horizontal version
6- tagline
the tagline looks sort of very compressed and in the end this does not look good visually speaking …
7- typo
sorry to ay just this but i thin that u are not even near from GR standards in terms of typo, here … this is clean , let’s say it like this , but indeed, this is also quite flat and also lacking variations, font combinations and touches of originality

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Thank you for describing the possible reasons for rejection very precisely. You have devoted a lot of time to me and thank you very, very much for that. :+1:

Your arguments are very valuable to me and I noticed a few typographical errors immediately after reading your opinion. Sometimes you just have to listen to someone to see something so obvious. :slight_smile:

I will draw conclusions from all your comments. They are very helpful and will make my next attempts much easier.

I read the forum a lot and learn the GR specification on the mistakes of others and now my own. I notice that there is a different demand here than I initially thought.

The designs I added are sample designs and are actually not 100% prepared. They were designed some time ago. However, they are the foundation and the basis for designing the right concepts for the needs of GR customers.


Off topic. I believe that the logo should generally be minimalist and simple. Otherwise, it ceases to function as a logo. I like minimalist logo designs. However, I have doubts whether brands such as Audi, Nike, Adidas etc. would sell their logos here. :smiley:

Thank you very much again and see you soon. I will try to prove how close I am to GR standards. :slight_smile:

well i am sorry tell u this, but i disagree with u … famous brands can afford having simple logos because they build a universe around them … they actually advertise a lot and “strike” it into people’s minds, but most of the companies cannot enjoy the same advertising power as the biggest corporations. Besides, it also depends on what the brand is all about and what i can tell is that u see far less NBA merch ever since they started to put their rather plain names on t-shirts rather than the very punchy and worked out logos that franchises used to have beforehand. In addition, if we are following your logics, then anybody could make a logo without having real skills. Even automated services could make logos, in other words, at a time services of designers would no longer be required when it come to logo designs, if things were as easy as u mentioned. For me creativity is still the thing the additional value and what most of the people must expect from professional services. This does not mena however that some simple things cannot actually work here and there of couse, but if this becomes the standard , well , we will soon end up having trouble not to have companies having basically the same logo as other companies …

otherwise, of course logo templates need adjustments, they are not properly custom logos, they imply different things , to be more editable to fit more needs so to speak which implies that authors have to think about these differences in the first place and adapt what they create accordingly …

u have some clear potential, sometimes , here we some people who are really miles away from standards and this is not your case, u just need to identify that one logo templates have some specifics and that this category is a tough one, there is a huge catalog of items and many people in town as regard to the rather high selling price , so that there may be more rejections than in some other categories in the end …

Yes, I understand your point of view and arguments. I know what you’re getting at. You are right that logo makers are evil in our industry and cannot replace us. Full agreement. This is not what I mean by saying that the logo has to be simple. It should be legible, easy to use on various advertising media. Also in small sizes. Cutting foil with a plotter, engraving etc. However, in Poland in this industry, it is said: The logo should be simple. When it begins to resemble a multi-element illustration, it loses its strength, ceases to be legible and easy to remember. Apple is a good example. You’re right, I named the giants. However, as a rule, the company becomes a giant. They are not from the very first day of their existence.

Absolutely my logic does not allow a situation in which anyone without skills could make himself a logo. A simple logo structure does not have to mean that every person can make it himself. Let us not go in that direction. :wink:

Creativity is definitely an inherent feature of every designer. That’s right! Simple and creative logo - two in one. I like minimalism, which is often a bull’s eye. Everyone has their own taste. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m quickly starting to understand (thanks to you as well) what logo designs GR is in demand for. It gets to me.

In the near future I will try to add completely different logo concepts. If they are accepted, it will turn out that I understood what the demand is and made the right conclusions, also from your comments. :slight_smile:

Let me show you in the future. I appreciate your activity and tips. I saw you helping a lot of designers here. :smiley: You are a good person. :innocent:

I will also try to enter other categories as well. Mockups, Business cards, flayers etc. In these terms, it might go faster, but I don’t assume it’s easy either. I already realize that despite possible errors in logo designs, this category is difficult and full.

Thank you also for the kind words at the end. :wink: