Logo rejected, please help.

hi, indeed for me that’s an issue of typo, the one u used is pretty simple and here people are waiting for you to have a real typo work and to select some specific type of typo. otherwise, unless u failed to close some path, your work looks quite clean and is rather original too :wink: good luck

Hi, @n2n44

Thank you so much for the constructive comment. I will be paying more attention to the typo next time as I am sure that all the paths were closed. I did double check it in the document info tab.

hi, u’ll have only constructive feedback from me … when u know what the job of designer is all about it cannot be any other way anyway … i know too much what this is to start and to face all kind of critics, i know the time, the effort , the investment, the resiliency that it takes to not only be a designer but also to push farther our own limits and according to all this , i can in no way be harsh with some when i provide a feedback (except maybe only if people are really boasting around and not being so good, but normally if so they will not come here and ask just like u do anyway , so that doesn’t happen in the end …). For the typo, this is essential , depending on where u post expectations will be different , here they are clearly about typo, and that has to be assimilated by us all , unless we get into troubles (get rejected)