Logo Rejected ( Please help me improve)


Hi everyone!

I have been trying to get a logo accepted into GR for a long long time now. I have definitely improved and I really thought this would be my first one to get in.

Can you guys let me know why this wasn’t good enough for GR and tell me how I can improve.

Thank you


hi buddy, well, indeed, for me the main problem is that this is not original enough a logo in the first place. Next, if i think that the typo is cool, they may ask you to use something a bit more “complex” or worked out … .Afterwards, i have a problem wit the concept to be honest with you, as i fail to understand the relationship between the illustration and the title / name …For me , it looks a bit highway between a castle and a hipster mustache , i guess that envato is waiting for you to have a more “obvious” theme indeed. I hope i could help you :wink: