Logo rejected, is it due to less commercial, technical or other issue? Thanks

Hello fellow authors,
I’ve created logo a few times and all got hard rejected
I wonder is it due less commercial or technical issue or something else?
Is there a way to know why is it rejected?

Here is my last logo

Thank you.

The type of rejection can be found in the mail which they have sent you. In my perspective the shapes around the plus icon are looking irregular, try to make them neat and clean and make your preview image more and more attractive for the viewers.

Thank you for your reply,

The type of rejection was hard reject.
The shape around the cross was intended to look irregular as in my humble opinion it emphasizes the logo.

The file consist only one layer.
All the objects are still in path mode, except the cross (the cross already expanded).
Is it consider open path?
And are the lines around the cross are too thin?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

This is the preview image