Logo purchased as standart license but was published in TV!??

The logo I composed was published in TV advertisements. But it was purchased as a standard license. What should I do about it?

I got the video footage of the ad being broadcast

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Find your buyer’s information by googling their name. If you find an email address or a website with a contact form, send them a message letting them know they breached the terms of the license and need to amend by getting the correct license. See how they respond and adjust your tone accordingly, keeping it polite and professional but firm.

You will need to assess which license is required by estimating the potential reach (which is not the same as the actual audience!) of the channel the ad was broadcast on, so that you can direct them to the correct license.

Hopefully, they’ll realize their mistake and comply. If not, you may have to make threats of legal consequences.


Thank you very much for informing. Yes, I have information of the buyer’s company. I will try to contact them first. Thank you again.

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