Logo or Ident

Is there a difference between Logo and Ident?

A reviewer changed one of my titles from Logo to Ident, and I’m not sure why? I usually use the term Logo, now I’m wondering if I have incorrectly titled other ‘Logos’.

This is the track: https://audiojungle.net/item/dreamy-acoustic-guitar-ident/21224560


Maybe a mistake or an overeager reviewer😉 One time a whole title of a music track of mine was changed by a reviewer… I simply corrected it back to my title immediately.

Oh ok thanks!

Length does matter.

A longer piece would be an Ident, and shorter a Logo?

Yes, it seems so in AJ terminology. Two of my logotype items longer than 15 sec have been renamed by reviewer the same way like yours, from Logo to Ident.

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Ah thanks - that’s helpful to know :slight_smile:

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Actually the difference borderline between terms looks disappearingly subtle :slight_smile: As I’ve got from titles on AJ, “Ident” more tends to be an arranged short musical piece 15-30 sec for subjected introdusing. And for example non-melodic noisy moving sound design for “one point” visuals or catchy melodic phrase of a few notes is more likely to be named “Logo”, usually yes, they are much shorter. From this point the renaming of your one is reasonable I think.

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Right! This would make sense! Thank you :slight_smile:

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