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not item feedback


Are you sure that we can do such a thing? I’m not going to report it, but if someone did, it would be painful for you… (hurry up and remove this topic)
EDIT: it looks good by the way :wink:


I dont think we can discuss about marketplace items over the forum. You can discuss about rejected files to improve it, but I think the comment section for the item is could be for the same reason.


all these were royalty free :blush:
have the appropriate license to use them
I used some sounds from 99sounds
License states:
"You are hereby granted a licence to use the samples for both non-commercial and commercial purposes, provided that the samples are not used as part of a sample library."
so that’s okay
and some other royalty free ones


wasn’t quite sure yeah.
Well the forum is “Project Feedback” so we could also use it to give feedback to items which are already on the market.
Tips on improving keyframes etc.


“Self promotion is not allowed on the Envato Market forums.” So, this not a feedback is more a promotion to your item.

Here are the guidelines links:

Think all authors to upload their items every time, to create topics for each item and to write about “Here is my latest item, some opinions?”


oh sorry will delete that thank you