Logo on small device

Help please! … I have almost completed my site, all works fine on large displays but I cannot get the main logo to load on anything except the home page when using small devices.



Hi @Eagle75au.

For some reason you might be having wrong paths for your logos.
Follow the next printscreens:

The path you have relative to your url is something like “./images/logo@2x.png”.

For this, the correct path should be “…/images/logo@2x.png”. But due to the fact that your other pages are created and adding the index.php as path, your logo on other pages won’t work correctly.

This is because when you are in your homepage, the url is correctly pointing to http://wgpconstructions.reviveit.com.au/images/logo@2x.png
But the problem is that your url is created and pointing to the following link: http://wgpconstructions.reviveit.com.au/index.php/services

For further information you can check here:

But maybe you should see what is happening with your installation and the way it is creating the pages over index.php, and not directly.

Best regards.