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Hi guys I’m looking for Logo maker generator script I have seen few website that use same type of script with exzctly sane kinds options but when searching google or even codecanyon I can’t find any scripts I can buy.

Here are examples of what I’m after


And here are websites that use similar logo design scripts


Can someone please point me to right direction where I can buy this type of logo generator scripts please ? It does not even have to be to fancy as long as I can type in the name add slogan and it generates logos with images that would be great I have purchased many logos online just need script to add them to

Thsnk you

Perhaps something like these would help, @MAXUK ?

Hi @hevada thsnks for the kink I have seen that script and it’s no where near any websites I have posted

Script above just let’s you write on top of the image which us actually done by html code

I want the script same link as I posted above for example

  1. Type in my business name
  2. Add tag line if needed
  3. Flick trough designs
  4. Select design I like and download it

Thanks for the help by the way but I’m looking for something similar to links I posted above.

Thank you.

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Did you find the script for logo maker/generator which you’ve discussed? I’m after the same kind of logo generator. Please let me know if you have find one. PM me for further discussion.


Any update ??