Logo is rejected. Please help and guide.

Hi Friends,

I had uploaded the Logo for review but it was rejected. I don’t know the actual reason. Could you please guide me so I will take care for those points in future creation. Thanks in advance.

hi buddy i think that this is mainly due to 2 things

  1. that this may not the category where they want to stock your item, i am not sure how this is called but maybe “tags” rather logos in my view
  2. i think that your lines are too thin in a general way, pls try to keep in mind that here they consider the logo in a very small size and that thus if u have too thin lines the preview is not ok …
    otherwise this is nice if u ask me :slight_smile:
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Hi N2n44,
Thanks for your reply and valuable feedback.
That will really helpful for my next creation.
Wish me good luck.

i think this should be useful for this time, not next time … i think u can try to fix on this item …