(LOGO) I'll brake that wall "Graphicriver", Do you hear me? I will!!!!




Dude your not only one here who struggle with it :frowning:


Honestly, isn´t it on the author´s side to decide which designs he wants to sell?! The reviewer can´t tell, if it´s gonna be sold or not but like this you don´t even get a chance! What´s the problem about giving it a chance? How do they choose, I like, I don´t like?


It could never work without some form of moderation for a number of reasons but ultimately…

Making it a free-for-all with inevitably:
a) drag the standards down ruining envato’s reputation, and resulting in poorer quality items for buyers
b) overcrowd the market so less chance of authors items to be found and subsequently lower sales.
It’s a lose-lose for everyone

I know there are showcase type sites which have ‘for sale’ sections but these don’t handle the purchase etc. like envato does. Is there another (professional) marketplace that allows any item to be submitted and sold without moderation?

FYI, reviewers, are picked for their technical expertise and knowledge of the marketplaces and what will/ won’t sell. There has to be someone, and this is clearly the best criteria to base it on.


Sure! But uploaded items doesn´t have to be bad work even if they were rejected.

I´d love to here your opinion on this: https://forums.envato.com/t/feedback-on-hard-rejected-design/172315

There are anchors out there on graphic river but they are different. And I got the feeling that it wasn´t the kind of anchor the reviewer liked. It´s well organized and not worse than other anchors here

On other marketplaces I get positive feedback on my traditional style, I can´t find a lot of this style here… I don´t want to sound huffy, I just like to get some feedback :wink:


I get the point but there will always be items that should get in, that don’t, and vice versa (that’s not exclusive to envato).

I don’t have exact numbers but am pretty sure that submissions reach well into the tens of thousands a month (if not more) - it would self-destruct in weeks if there was no control. It seems that the relatively small % of questionable decisions is a small price to pay for the alternative.

I would still be keen to see another marketplace which does do this and understand how they manage it

I am not a designer so the wrong person to feedback on your item but I am not 100% sure what category that would fit, and I guess maybe providing multiple options/examples in terms of layout, colour etc. would help make it more suited to a stock marketplace.


In this statement I just meant that I’ll grow up with my logos, and I’m sure that in the near future “graphicriver” 'll be able to approved my work for sell. After “graphicriver” rejected all my works I agreed that all these rejected items wasn’t quite good for approving and then I started improving it step by step, day by day. And by the way I totally agree with all these rejections, so part of me happy of that because it made my design-skills better.