Logo / Ident got rejected - Please help me get better


I am fairly new to this and seeking help from more experienced authors.

AJ rejected this submission and I was hoping for any specific reasons why they did so. any help and feedback would be gratefully appreciated. Please have a listen… its only 15 seconds long. :slight_smile:


…bump… Anybody? :frowning:

I think the synth sounds may have been thought a bit dated and the transition between the chords sounds awkward. It also seems to clip off rather abruptly at the end.

Just my take of course but I hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply… Yes… It is very helpful to get a fresh perspective! :slight_smile:

hello its a nice Ident .I think maybe the first chord its a little hard and scary for AJ. Maybe change it to something more classic,The second and the anding its ok. And be careful on mastering, i thing its a little dull for AJ.
I am not so expert in all that anyway.I just hope to help a little.

Got it! Thanks very much for the reply… you are very kind! :slight_smile:


The tension of the first chord is distracting. The feeling is calm and smooth and that chord takes you out from that mood.

In terms of mixing, it sounds a little dull and dark. I`m missing some 12k sparkle and brightness. Maybe is too limited and compressed. You could add more space around it as well (reverb) . Overall I think it needs to sound more dreamy.

I hope this helps. Good luck

In fact it is filtered in 10k, I just ran your track through a spectrum analyzer. Its not soundcloud encoding because the information (above 10k) is there when the watermark appears. Did you filter it on purpose ?

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer and analyse the track.

You are absolutely right… rookie mistake… much embarassed… :blush: