Logo / Ideas & Brainstorming


Hey all.

I am part of a gaming team, that are trying to make it’s way into the professional stage.
We have been in talks with various designers, as we need a logo “brand” to represent us in the media.
It’s exspensive… (understandable), considering the time and effort it takes for a creative mind to come with a great result.

Allthough we are negotiating deals with sponsors, nothing final has been decided as of yet.
We need the logo soon, so I have taken it upon myself to try come up with something temporarily.

Problem is… I am not a designer, and have little photoshop experience.

I AM STUCK… lol I have tried so many different things, but I can’t get it right. I need ideas, input, inspiration!
TEAM name is LG, and how do I put this together in a cool way?

My best so far… is attached, but I’m afraid it looks too much like CT?

PLEASE… help !

Sincerly n00b


If you made the L and G like an arrow i think it will be much better


Hello, before you start to create your logo, I give you some articles about must be a logo.

Do not forget ! For a logo typography is very important. It’s not just a symbol.

Looking for inspiration ?! You find this in old design books on eBay. Airbnb logo can be found in a book from 1980 .

Logo is not just a symbol. Try more friendly design without so many angles and lines. Your design rejects me. Try to do monochromatic without color, to be easy to use.

Inspiration websites:

Look these are my favorite logos today :

If you can not handle I recommend https://studio.envato.com/search?utf8=✓&search[query]=logo+design . Sure you find on Envato Studio someone to make your logo below $100.


hi, sorry for this stupid question, but why u do not ry to contact a guy to get the job done for you when it comes to your logo. I can do it for you for a reasonable price if u wish , contact me through my profile page or n2n44@yahoo.com if u are interested , u can have a look at my portfolio http://graphicriver.net/user/n2n44
have a nice day :wink:


Thank you for your feedback! I will try that out :wink:


Thank you, that was very inspiring, It made me sketch some more, but I’m still running out of ideas. Perhaps I need to read into some of those articles, and move in a completely different way…

Thanks again!



Our budget is VERY tight, and we have already been in touch with designers. They are asking for 100-300 dollars in average, which is fair (in my mind). Good prices, but unaffordable for us at the moment. Alot of money has already gone into gaming equipment, which is why are looking to make some deals with various sponsors. Allthough we are “close” to getting a final deal, nothing is certain yet.

We were going to spend some of that sponsor money on website and logo/branding. (esport)
But tournaments are getting closer, and we need something soon.

I got like 20 dollars left to spend, which to be fair… would be an insult to offer a designer lol

I KNOW it takes alot of creativity, concentration, hours of work to get a good piece of graphic done. I appriciate that, and therefore I wouldn’t hire a designer unless I could pay the necessary “fee”.

Thanks for responding.