Logo Hard Rejected, Needs Suggestions Please

My both submissions got hard rejected. Please give suggestion. Your commnetnts are highly valuable for me.

These are both really bad, to be blunt.

You are using the most boring fonts available. For starters I would look up some free fonts here: https://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/

and use ANYTHING but the fonts you chose, and play with the tagline, make it a different variation or different font than the main logo. As for the graphic, the first one looks like an ugly bra, i would find a better vector of a bra and tie it into your logo so it comes off the title, and get rid of the blue color. keep it simple and sleek.

for the bottom logo, what is that behind the foot, a piece of swiss cheese? get rid of it, simplify it and use a cooler looking footprint. search for free footprint vector, or look at the noun project for icons.

hope that helps,


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Your logos are too basic see bad typography for not accepted your sell.

@luckkky thnx dear your comments will helpfull
@JeriThemes thnx i will keep that in mind next time

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hi, for me u have to work more on typo and typo combinations and also make sure that u introduce some originalities so that people feel like buying ans feel like they will save some time out of not doing on their own too … try to introduce sone relief in the shape and variations in the colors as well

@n2n44 thnx dear for your valuable comment

u are welcome, i just hope it will help you with this file and next ones :slight_smile: