Logo hard Reject

Hey guys,
I’ve uploaded about 5 logos templates and they all got rejected , I don’t know why i’ve tried different types of logos , different styles but nothing worked, can any one give me tips on how to make my logos get approved

Hey there, not a bad idea, but I see several reasons, why this logo wasn’t approved.

  1. Using letters as part of the logo isn’t a good idea, while it can be used only by a company or site with these letters in it.
  2. Chosen font doesn’t work with the logo shape well.
  3. The main shape is imo too big compared to the text underneath.
  4. Logo Category has almost 53000 files approved, so it is hard to come with original one to get approved.

Hope it helps and don’t give up :wink:

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Thank You for your feedback :slightly_smiling:

hi, indeed i like much the illustration part , but as for the choice of the main font , i think that this is not harmonious enough , it doesn’t match well in my view, give the typo a title bit more work and all should be alright according to me

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Thank you for your feedback