Logo graphic feedback



Hi… everyone

This is my first logo template that i plan to submit to graphicriver… but it look like they only except professional and quality works. So this is where i need your help, i want you to help me preview my logo template, if it will have any chase of acceptance in graphicriver.




hi buddy, i am not sure that u can get that one through, aybe u’ll have problems of rights, not sure, u should check lol i think that either u’ll face somebody’s rights somewhere or get to have almost a similar work with someone here , but i wish u good luck :wink:


Thanks for the feedback @n2n44 … but i designed the logo myself… it was not copied from anywhere


I think it’ll may be fine in a matter of copyright issue, the only thing is that you can find tons of logos that look similar to your one on google images, and they’re free. You may try changing something on your logo in order to really make it look original.
It’s just a suggestion, anyway your logo looks very nice.


thanks for your feedback @fvimagination, i really appreciate your feedback.


you’re welcome!


I’d get rid of the lime green and red version in the preview if you do upload it. Bit painful on the eyes.


thanks for your feedback @SpaceStockFootage , i really appreciate your feedback.


u understood me wrong … i did not mean that u did not do, but as you are certainly aware, this is the symbol of medicine and doctors and i was wandering if there were not some related rights. But, in any event, as i told u and fvimagination confirmed, there are lots of things which look alike what u’ve done and i may think that maybe this is not original enough to make it and get on sale here , now anything can happen also here , u never know … the craziest thing happen and some things that u are not suspecting to make it here get accepted at times, so i wish for you that u get this chance :wink:


i think that most important again the color combination is not the best one ,a s the two colors do not match that well to say the least, s u are definitely right


thanks for your feedback @n2n44 , i really appreciate your feedback.


u are welcome :wink: